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We are pleased to bring you our Introductory Video along with a transcript.

One of the beauty’s of working for this company is actually being able to sit back and reflect on what we’ve achieved over the last 9 years. People are proud to live in one of our homes, people are proud to say ‘my address is…’ and know that they’ve come from one of the communities that we’ve created.

What distinguishes us from others is our attention to quality.

What Almaren is about, is drawing together a coherent team of people who are responsible with Christopher for the procurement of land, the whole process through to the design, through to working with suppliers looking at our supply chain.

We work with people to find land and opportunities. Once we’ve identified them we see to purchase those sites. All through that process we are engaging with the team, to ensure it would be somewhere where people would want to live.

We are actually involved in every single stage to actually ensure that our vision, our ethos and what we stand for is projected in every development.

We’re very passionate about ensuring we’re building somewhere people want to live, that they deserve to live. The whole process right the way through to sales is a very in depth process. What we’re selling is something we’ve put a great deal of thought into, a great deal of energy into.

How they’ll live in it, how they’ll work in it, how they might entertain in it. You’re actually selling someone a future lifestyle.

It’s the thoughtfulness, it’s the passion, it’s the attention to detail. That’s the thing that really delivers that vision and people feel that when they walk into a house.

My favourite part of the process is the show apartments. When we can start fitting the furniture and picking the colours and picking the finishings, even down to the final clean before we actually launch, just makes it all feel so personal and so special to us.

It’s absolutely key for us and our customers that they know that we’re still there, even after they’ve turned the front door key. One of the things we’re passionate about is making sure it remains a personal service, so people know they’re going to have a point of contact throughout the period that they’re actually living in that house aswell.

Whatever is required to make the person feel comfortable is what we do, so it’s all about going the extra mile.

Right up until 2 years after they’ve bought it we’re there on the end of the phone, we’re there in person so they can see that our physical presence is there and that they’ve got that reassurance, that we’re there to look after them.

Preparations are underway for the launch of Almaren Homes latest exciting development, Anglian House.

This unique conversion of an existing commercial building into spacious apartments is nearing completion with the marketing suite and show home set to open to the public on 12 February 2016.

With 56 apartments in the heart of Huntingdon, adjacent to the beautiful Town Park, viewing is highly recommended to fully appreciate the choice and quality available.


Anglian House Property Development Huntingdon

Almaren Homes is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Anglian Water building in Huntingdon.

Achieving this acquisition provides us with our third development in the thriving location of Huntingdon.

We’re excited to rejuvenate this town centre building with a conversion to residential apartments available for sale.

With completion due in 2016, please contact us should you wish to received further information.

Laura Ferguson Celebrates 10 years with Almaren

Laura Ferguson Celebrates 10 years with Almaren

Almaren is pleased to celebrate with our Group Communications and Marketing Manager, Laura Fergusson, who this month marked her 10 years of service with us.

Laura joined the team in 2005 on a temporary maternity cover contract as a Corporate Administrator.

Laura quickly secured a permanent contract within the Group and has since progressed through the business to her current position.

“I’m so proud to be celebrating 10 years service today.  The nature of our business provides a fast moving environment with no two days being the same, this has made the time with Almaren thoroughly enjoyable and it has taught me so much.  To be able to offer the support I do to all corners of the business is hugely rewarding.” – Laura Fergusson.

Almaren Homes Limited is excited to launch our brand new website.  Since originating in 2006 the business has evolved successfully and this is reflected in our Development Portfolio page.  The pride in our past achievements is topped only by our excitement for our upcoming projects and we’re delighted you’ve chosen to view this journey with us.